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MCF Junior And Expert Status

  1. This procedure applies to all MCF Motocross events.
  2. This does not apply to riders in restricted events, handicap, B & C Junior races and nonqualifiers races.
  3. Riders will hold a Junior licence or Expert licence according to their grade.
  4. Upgrading from Junior to Expert: Solo Riders – Upgrading from Junior to Expert is determined by a solo rider obtaining 15 points in one year in finals only of all events in accordance with rules 1 and 2 above. Each leg of a Motocross will count for points. (A event will be considered of a Motocross type for grading purposes only when each leg of the Junior Motocross is composed of the same riders being the best riders of the entire Junior entry who have qualified by way of a system of heats or timed qualification). In races for Experts and top invited Juniors the first four Expert finishers will be awarded points and in addition points will be awarded to the first four Junior finishers, within the top ten finishers. In allcomers finals the first four Juniors home will receive Expert grading points.
  5. Points will be scored as follows:
    • 1st – 4 points, 2nd – 3 points, 3rd – 2 points, 4th – 1 point.
    • The maximum number of points that may be scored in any one event is 12. Points will be recorded by the MCF from the programmes or results returned to them by the Event Secretary.
    • Upgrading will be enacted on 1 January of each year unless riders have already applied to the MCF.
  6. An Expert rider who has not gained 1 point on his licence card in any calendar year may be downgraded (subject to MCF). Future upgrading will be in accordance with Rule No. 4 above.
  7. When applying to renew or upgrade a licence, a rider may be requested to send proof of their points scored.
  8. The Event Secretary must forward results of the top four riders in any junior finals or expert races to the MCF office for all events. These must include the rider’s names, licence number and home town.
  9. The MCF may upgrade and downgrade riders upon assessment.