Committee Job Descriptions

What our committee do.


Represents the Club. Has an in depth knowledge of schoolboy motocross and supports and advises the committee in the day to day running of club.


Has overall responsibilities for the club. Continuously in contact with his committee as to the day to day running of the club and events. And insuring members are kept informed. Arranging for tracks and grading and organising the committee to run meetings and being aware of what goes on during these meetings. Should hold Clerk of the Course certificate. Needs to have gained experience by assisting at committee level for at least one year.


Supporting the Chairman with what ever work is necessary to run the club. This may be at the track as well as during the week with phone calls or meetings. Stepping in during any absence of the Chairman, Assisting the Chairman with decision-making and with the overall running of the club . Preferably has experience at committee level. And a Clerk of the Course certificate.

Club Secretary

Liaising with governing body (MCF). Landowners, Councils, Supporters etc and as when required by the Chairman, Vice Chairman or Committee members, dealing with correspondence/telephone calls concerning new members /club/MCF business, and keep the Chairman informed at all times, arranging committee meetings, AGM, and insuring reprsenation at MCF meetings when applicable, keeping files up to date and supporting the Chairman and committee with the day to day running of the club. Needs to be computer literate.


Is responsible for keeping an up to date record of finances, collecting all monies at signing-on, from trade stands and social secretary, raffle and donations. Issuing licences, applying for race permits to the MCF , arranging for permit monies and licence fees to be paid, issuing invoices where necessary, and paying club bills. Keeping books up to date and preparing a meeting by meeting financial report, together with the quarterly financial statement and year end accounts (to be audited). Should be computer literate.

Racing Secretary

To take bookings on the club mobile telephone for each race meeting, to assist and report to the Treasurer, preparing signing-on sheets for each race meeting on the morning, Signing-on riders, make new members welcome, arranging for competence tests and ensure they are aware of the rules and the racing programme. Obtain from the Clerk of the Course the race order of the day and ensure this is written up at the table. At the end of the meeting passing information to web-site and reporter. Should be computer literate.

Membership Secretary

Renewing memberships and enrolling new members, to ensure membership forms and MCF licence forms are always available, make new members welcome, to send out the following season’s membership and licence forms in November each year.

Chief Marshall

To organise and over see marshals during a meeting and ensure all are signed on, including committee and stewards of the day, and ensure the track clearance is done by the end of the day, to keep a record of the same must be attendance on Saturday/Sunday mornings to put out marshal points.

Chief Starter

Must prepare and lay out the start gates on Saturday/Sundays, to organise and over see a team of people capable of starting races during the day, and putting away the gates at the end of the meeting. Must be available around the start area at all times during a race day, spot check helmet stickers on the start line.

Chief Scrutineer

To thoroughly check each and every bike according to MCF rules and that there are no bikes on the track which have not been checked, to organise and over see a team of people capable of scrutineering machines, spot checks throughout the day, must hold a current MCF scrutineering certificate, must be available around the track all day.

Safety Officer

To book adequate first aid cover for every meeting, liaising with first aiders, completing an accident report form at the end of each meeting and forwarding on to the MCF. Spot checks for fire extinguishers and safety procedures during the day.

Social Secretary

Is responsible for raising funds for the club by way of raffles, sponsorship, donations or sports awards, booking marquees, discos and entertainments as and when required, to co-ordinate the presentation evening arrangements with the committee.

Child Protection Officer

Responsibilities are not yet defined but must be CRB checked and available to attend meetings and training away from the area.

Chief Lapscorer

Responsibilities are to liaise with the Chief Marshal regarding the lap scoring personal for the race meeting, they will also collect the points and lap scoring sheets, keep and record championship points and liaise with the club web-site administrator.

General Committee

Should attend all race meetings to ensure that the track is ready for the meeting, and ensure all the equipment is all packed away at the end of the meeting. Must be available track side during the race days to assist where necessary.

All Committee Members Should Attend All Committee Meetings.